everybody has questions. here are the answers

Whether you want to know where to find your keys, or if you just want to know what time to check in. It’s all here.

What is the Trip Guide

Once you have made your booking, we will send you a confirmation which will contain a link to your Trip Guide.

The Trip Guide contains information specific to your stay. It tells you exactly where the apartment is, how to find the keys, where you can park and the all important WiFi password.

It should tell you everything you need to know about your stay so it is your first port of call whenever you have a question.

However, if there’s anything missing from the guide, please let us know and we will do our best to answer your question.

I’m making a booking for someone who works in my organisation. Is there anything I should know?

Make your booking as normal. Once confirmed, you will receive a link to the Trip Guide. Please make sure that the lead guest receives the link to the Trip Guide.

What time can I check in and check out?

Our standard check-in time is 3pm whilst our check-out time is 10am.

It is possible to check out at a later time for a fee, providing we have 72 hours notice AND have authorised your longer stay. If you wish to check out later then please go to the Add-On Services option in your Guest Portal in Charge Automation.

Because some of our guests check out late, we then cannot prepare the apartment any earlier than 3pm so apologies but we do not authorise requests for early check-in.

Is it possible to leave my luggage in your apartment until I check-in?

Sorry, we are not able to store luggage for any of our guests. Our cleaners have a varied schedule meaning they cannot guarantee to be at the apartment at the same time as you.

Our recommendation is that you check alternative storage solutions. Our Sheffield apartments have a link to a suggested provider in the Trip Guide.

How do I find the keys?

Your keys will be found in a key safe.

The location and code for the key safe will appear in your Trip Guide on your arrival date.

Who are Charge Automation?

Charge Automation are our Payment Services provider and are a globally recognised leader in online check-in, payment and deposit collection.

Do you take a deposit?

We take a deposit or create an authorisation on your card depending on the type of card you booked with and the platform you use to make your booking.

This is a complex system so full details of how we handle the deposit and when the deposit is returned (or authorisation released) are in your Trip Guide; the Guide is available within minutes of you making your booking.

Is parking included?

Please check the listings to see if parking is included.

If parking is included, this means 1 car will be suitable. If you wish to bring a larger vehicle, such as a large van, please contact us before making your booking. 

If you wish to bring a second vehicle then we ask you to check with the local town for parking arrangements as we DO NOT allow a second vehicle in our parking areas.

Can I bring a pet?

Really sorry, but we cannot allow pets in our apartments.

We know your pet is marvellous, beautiful and brings you a lot of joy but we have to consider other guests who may have allergies.