Serviced Apartments v Hotels during a pandemic

Hotels have been our go to choice when it comes to travelling but in these unsettled times, workers in the construction industry, self-isolators and carers have discovered the extra convenience and peace of mind that comes from serviced apartments.

Hotels have tried to imitate serviced apartments but the odds are stacked against them especially during the current rules and regulations.


Personal safety is now the number one concern for everyone on the planet and that means working out how to socially distance and maintain new levels of hygiene.

As serviced apartments have fewer communal areas (in fact some have none), they are instinctively set up to manage social distancing expectations.

Self-catering and remote check-in reduce the number of interactions with staff and the space you live in is not shared with anyone else.

The lack of restaurants and bars will also limit the footfall around the building.

Some guests even stay several weeks at a time. This means that fewer people have stayed in the space.

The naturally heavier traffic in hotels means that cleaners will struggle to sanitise every surface whereas serviced apartments have fewer public areas.

The cleaning team can then focus on providing a more thorough cleaning and disinfecting process.


Guests will continue to have issues around anxiety as the lockdown in England and Scotland is set to tighten.

Having more control over the space in which you are residing means guests can:

  • cook their own meals
  • do their own laundry
  • devise a cleaning rota
  • use their own disinfectants
  • have fresh laundry delivered (contact-free of course)

Working in serviced apartments

Ever tried to work in a hotel room? It’s not always easy is it?

Hotel rooms are designed to give you a place to stop and sleep; it’s not always easy to balance your laptop and phone.

Apartments offer a space in which you can be comfortable whilst on the WiFi and so provide a home-from-home environment.


Whilst you get what you pay for, hotels offer areas that are just unnecessary right now. Gyms, pools and breakfast are not easy places to socially distance.

At the same time, companies need to find ways to save money and cut unnecessary costs.

This means that serviced apartment providers can now really show how much value they can really offer.

A serviced apartment can be 20% cheaper and if your stay is longer, the savings could be even bigger.

Savings are also increased when you consider the reduced costs of doing your own laundry and no mini bar bills!

Serviced Apartments win, hands down

Serviced apartments appear to be better positioned to and more prepared to tackle the challenge of serving guests’ needs throughout this pandemic.

In fact, a recent ASAP/Savills survey showed an overwhelming majority of respondents believe that serviced apartments are in a better position to survive and recover than the hotel sector.

Check your travel restrictions

Learn more about the new restrictions coming into force from Nov 5 2020

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