Looking to book a serviced apartment with us?

When you book a serviced apartment, it’s a little different to booking a hotel. With a hotel, you can book online, just like you do when you book a serviced apartment.

However, unlike a hotel, serviced apartment owners and operators prefer to work at arms length. This has been key to helping to maintain social distancing throughout the lockdowns.

The principle of running a serviced apartment business from a distance was established long before the COVID-19 pandemic. This means the industry found it exceptionally easy to adapt to the logistics of working with no face-to-face contact.

Here’s how it works.

Finding your serviced apartment

Finding a serviced apartment is very simple. A quick online search including the town/city where you want to stay will reveal many providers. Of course if you want to stay in Sheffield or Hinckley, we’d love for you to check us out.

Book your serviced apartment

Once we have your booking, you will receive a confirmation via email and your payment will be processed according to your booking method. The big operators like Airbnb will take your payment details and charge you according to the policy laid down by the property owner.

If you book with Nest Apartments directly, we take payment during your online check-in.


Something we hear a lot is “When do I get my deposit back?” At Nest Apartments, we do not receive your deposit in our account. Instead, the money is ring-fenced while it sits in your account. This will result in a lower “Available Balance” but the money is still sitting with you.

Your Available Balance will return to normal a few days after you check out.

The delay is releasing the money back to you is simply to allow us time to complete our checks on the property you stayed in.

The Online Check-In

A few days before you arrive, we will email you a link which will take you to our online check-in.

This process is for you to confirm your:

  • arrival time
  • identity (only if you have booked direct)
  • payment details (again, only for direct bookings)


Once you have completed the check-in, the email containing all your travel information and property guidebook will be sent to you.

The Guidebook tells you everything you need to know about the property.

It helps you find the apartment, it tells where to park and where to find the key.

We even tell you how the heating works, how some of our appliances work and of course, the all-important WiFi passwords.

And that’s it!

Enjoy your stay!


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